The Beckham Bible Class

The Beckham Bible Class is a group of near-retirement age couples and singles.  We have been an active part of the church for 40 years and share strong bonds with each other.  Lessons are taught by class members and guest teachers using the ARP Adult Quarterly which follows a six year read through the Bible plan.  We start each class by sharing our prayer concerns.  Our classroom is located in the upstairs, back hallway of the main building.  We welcome anyone to join us.  For more information, please contact Marie Milling.

The Berean Class

The Berean Class meets in the Education Building, top floor, first classroom on the right.  The Bereans are mid-lifers with ages ranging from mid 40s to late 50s, singles and couples, who study the ARP Adult Quarterly taught by a wonderful rotation of class members, with an occasional stray into a book study.  Our members are in the trenches of career pursuits, parenting (middle schoolers up to grandkids), and assisting our aging parents.  Please contact Karen Longhurst for more information.

The Ellis Class

The Ellis Class is a place to laugh, wrestle, and care.  We are a group of “30-and-40-somethings” who share each other’s joys and struggles.  Members deepen their faith by wrestling with difficult topics and turning to Scripture for guidance from the Holy Spirit.  We study books by gifted Christian writers and the ARP Adult Quarterly's commentary on a six year read through the Bible plan.  Special fellowship events tie us together so we can serve God as one body.  We meet upstairs in the Education Building and invite others to join us.  Contact Wendy Smith for more information.

The Fellowship Class

The Fellowship Class is a Bible-centered, Spirit-led group of adults who gather to study the Word of God, discuss biblical principles as they apply to our daily lives, share prayer requests, joys, and praises, and enjoy frequently planned fellowship with each other.  Our studies are taught by class members and other volunteers, using the ARP Adult Quarterly as a guide for reading through the Bible in six years.  We meet in the back hall of the main building, across from the Parlor.  Any individual, single or married, is welcome and encouraged to join us.  For more information, please contact Mickey Baker.

The Gaston Class

The Gaston Class is a group of men and women in their 20s and 30s, consisting of singles, couples, those with children and those without.  Several of our class members teach through various books of the Bible and a variety of topics.  We enjoy many fellowship events, including cookouts, bowling, eating out, and game nights.  Our class meets upstairs in the Education Building.  Contact John Wingate for more information.

The Long-Grier Class

The Long-Grier Class is named in memory of two of our long-term, former class members and teachers - Moffatt Long and Bob Grier.  We meet in the Parlor (in the back hallway of the main building) and study the ARP Adult Quarterly.  Our teachers rotate each Sunday:  three teach on a monthly basis, and on the fourth Sunday we have a guest teacher.  The class is made up primarily of individuals who win the prize for the most candles on their birthday cakes, but we welcome younger folks too!  Please contact Rolla Oliver for more information.

The Thello Class

The Thello Class meets upstairs in the Education Building.  We are a group of people in their late 50s and up.  In the past, several of our class members have rotated as teachers; more recently we have been using R. C. Sproul’s video series “Dust to Glory”, an overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  For more than 25 years we have been helping support a family outside of the church in their care of foster children; the wife is now left to care for a couple of adults who are not able to live on their own.  Contact Frances Smith for more information.

The Community Class

The Community class is a group made of 20s-30s, singles and couples that studies various books of the Bible with an emphasis on building community.